Research and development

Continuous commitment in research for innovative and customized solutions

OTMA is engaged in constant research and development, which led to the creation of innovative products protected by international patents.

OTMA has a research and development, consisting of a design department, a department for rapid prototyping and testing laboratory for the development of the products.

In addition to the supply of standard products, the company offers a design service tailored to customer requirements.

Knowing how important it is to provide technical solutions timely, OTMA it is equipped with rapid prototyping technologies, able to realize functional samples and make them immediately available to the performance testing and the customer tests.

OTMA provides the customers its experience providing technical advice service for development of the products and the solution of systems problems.

We design and manufacture “ad hoc” components according to customer's needs.


We quickly create functional prototypes with the best CAD-CAM software.


We offer the customer a wealth of knowledge acquired in over 50 years of activity.


Laboratory equipped to perform tests of performance and reliability of prototypes.


Attention to product innovation represents the real strength

OTMA's design activity has leaded research with objectives of:

  • Integration of functions, with the aim of obtaining compactness and rationalization of the layout, creating multifunction products.
  • Flexibility understood as the ability to adapt to the characteristics of the customer's product, obtained by designing modular, modular, ambidextrous products, capable of assuming multiple configurations.
OTMA constantly invests in product development by pursuing innovation aimed at interpreting and anticipating market trends.

Constant improvement of production processes

In a scenario characterized by rapidly evolving markets and with a view to environmental sustainability, OTMA focuses on the improvement of production processes.

OTMA products are designed, processed and assembled internally with the advantage of direct monitoring of each production phase.

OTMA has a diversified fleet of machine tools and CNC machining centers, but the added value of OTMA is represented by the experience acquired in the field of precision mechanical machining that has allowed it to meet the requirements of the design of increasingly sophisticated pieces.

The machined components pass to the assembly department, consisting of semi-automated lines and accurate manual assembly.

At the end of the assembly phase, the hydraulic seal is tested with automated machines capable of testing 100% of the production.

OTMA invests in technical innovation, promoting corporate digitalization.


Commitment to environmental sustainability, safety and well-being of people.


OTMA manufactures entirely in Italy according to a rigorous product culture.


OTMA designs and produces innovative products protected by international patents.

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