Multi-Zone hydraulic separator

The multi-zone hydraulic separator SIM is a hydraulic module which is designed for individual housing and allows to split the heating system in different zones with independent temperature control.

Each zone is independent for temperature control of the circulating flow rate.
It is possible to have both low temperature zones, for example floor heating, and high temperature zones equipped with traditional radiators.

Application example
  1. High temperature zone
  2. Low temperature zones

The special collector OTMA (patented) is equipped with a “V” shape cross section that allows to obtain a delivery chamber (high temperature) and a return chamber (low temperature) which extend along the entire length of manifold, this allows the delivery and return pipes of each zone to be placed side by side, obtaining a rational layout with straight tubes and a modular arrangement of the zones, with advantages also in terms of compactness and reduced dimensions.

The module is fully customizable, with a choice of motors for zone circulators and the possibility of having either thermostatic mixing valves or electronically controlled valves.

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