Mixing-Diverting valve

Solar valve for sanitary water.

The solar valve OTMA is useful to combine a solar energy system to instantaneous boiler.

The device is composed of a mixing valve and a diverting valve, both thermostatic, integrated into a single component, in order to obtain a solution of high compactness.

Thanks to the small dimensions the solar valve can be installed directly under the boiler, embedded into overall dimensions of the dashboard and it does not require a separate housing box.

The valve requires no power supply, with advantages in terms of simplicity of construction, reliability and ease of installation.

For these reasons the solar valve OTMA is applicable to any instantaneous boiler existing on the market.

The water, coming from the solar tank, reaches the thermostatic diverting valve, at this point if the temperature is below 48° C the water is diverted inside the boiler to be heated, at the exit from the boiler, the water is sent to the mixing valve and then to the consumer (home tap).
If the temperature is above 48° C the water does not pass through the boiler but is diverted directly to the mixing valve, and then to the user.
In this way the boiler is used only when the solar system does not provide water to a sufficient temperature.

The thermostatic mixing valve allows the user to select the desired temperature, also in the case where the temperature of the water coming from the solar tank is excessively high, it is mixed with cold water before reaching the taps of the house, in order to protect the user from burns.

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