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OTMA offers the market a wide range of complete hydraulic units and hydraulic components for the heating, air conditioning and renewable energy sectors.

Products for heat pumps

Gas boilers

Compact and flexible hydroblocks the product is specifically designed to be suitable for any boiler layout on the market.

Products for heat pumps

Heat pump

Products characterized by large passage sections (DN 22), ideal for heat pumps or boilers with power greater than 50 kW.

Biomass systems products

Biomass systems

Hydraulic units with a particular layout developed specifically to be combined with solid fuel/ pellet boilers and thermo-fireplaces.

Products for centralized systems

Centralized systems

The multifunction valve integrates, into a single component, all the necessary hydraulic functions for metering modules.

Solar thermal products

Solar thermal

Compact valves designed to combine a solar energy system with a traditional wall hung boiler, even in case of pre-existing boiler.

Custom Design

Mettiamo a disposizione dei nostri clienti un’esperienza di oltre 50 anni nel settore, per affiancarli nella definizione dei loro requisiti tecnologici e sviluppare prodotti adatti a soddisfare le loro esigenze.
Custom design

Constant research for dedicated solutions

OTMA offers to the market a wide range of complete hydroblocks, hydraulic valves and hydraulic components for the heating sector.

OTMA products are characterized by a quality and reliability recognized by the market and for the use of innovative technical solutions aimed at obtaining characteristics of high integration and compactness.

Our products are completely customizable and developed according to the specific needs of each customer.
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