Multifuncion hydroblock for applications up to 60 kW
– Integrated 3-way valve in circulator body
– Flow passage DN22


The “Geo HP” hydroblock, consisting of a circulator and a 3-way valve integrated in a single product, is characterized by large DN22 passage sections which guaranteeing a high circulating flow rate make the product particularly suitable for heat pump applications and high power boilers (60kW).

The design of the unit is based on maximum flexibility, the combination of the possible assembly positions of the fundamental components allows the product to assume a very high number of configurations and thus adapt to any customer product layout.

Integrated 3-way valve and circulator body.

Flow passage DN 22.

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Hydroblocks for boilers with power exceeding 50kW, Hydroblocks for Heat Pumps, Hydroblocks for Pellet Boilers / Thermo-fireplaces